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Sponsorships and Donation Requests:

If you’re seeking sponsorship of an event or are requesting a donation, please email sara.rissi@opengatesgroup.com. Be sure to include contact information, date of event, and sponsorship or donation request information.



Awesome Logistics

W: www.awesometransit.com

P: 319-646-2416

E: awesomelogistics@opengatesgroup.com


Awesome Refrigerated Transit of Iowa (ARTI)

W: www.awesometransit.com

P: 319-646-2416

E: arti@opengatesgroup.com


Farmers Creamery

W: www.farmerscreamery.com

P: 319-646-2004

E: farmerscreamery@opengatesgroup.com


Frytown Distribution

P: 319-646-4061

E: frytowndistribution@opengatesgroup.com


Kalona Creamery

P: Coming Soon!

E: kalonacreamery@opengatesgroup.com


Kalona Farms

W: www.kalonafarms.com

P: 319-656-3992

E: kalonafarms@opengatesgroup.com


Kalona Organics®

W: www.kalonaorganics.com

P: 877-378-5990

E: kalonaorganics@opengatesgroup.com


Open Gates

W: www.opengatesgroup.com

P: 319-646-2927

E: info@opengatesgroup.com


Provision Ingredients

W: www.provisioningredients.com

P: 855-565-4647

E: provisioningredients@opengatesgroup.com